The Spark Ignites

Darkness fills the day
The mask I wear fades
Lit in the corner lies
The smoldering transformation

Slipping inside feeling the warmth
A single spark pricks the night
Holding back, fearing the worse
The single spark ignites

Pushing away from the light
Leaning back into the night
Pulled forward by you
Closing the door behind me

Standing alone surrounded by light
People looking, laughing
Craving the dark, from where I came
The light slicing through me

Looking for you, where is your warmth?
My skin is burning, aching
Crawling back into the dark
Shards of glass, scraping

Bleeding and shaking
In my own blood, I lay
Hiding from the light
Darkness fills the day

January 10, 2001 -- Paul W. Walters