I Love You, Sharon

With each passing breath, I love you more
Forever with you would seem like an instant
While holding you close, our spirits soar
Though while we're apart, I feel like an infant

With each passing day, our bond grows stronger
Time spent apart, seems an eternity
I want to hold you, forever, or longer
In love grow together, our hearts in unity

With each passing week, our minds merge in wonder
I'm feeling your thoughts, and craving your touch
The distance that separates does not tear asunder
But makes us love more, with longings and such

With each passing month, as our souls unite
Our spirit grows stronger; our love can't be broken
I love you so much, for that love I'll fight
And give you my life, as the ultimate token

The distance that separates, will not always be
You'll be by my side, and we'll be together.
Just keep me inside, and always you'll see
That I love you now, and I will forever.

Paul W. Walters December 22, 2000