So Unlike a Feather

Iím sitting here as I think of you,
And the time I drank and did food spew.
What I ate came out, all mixed together,
It dropped to the floor, so unlike a feather

It stunk, it was gross, but I donít remember
How I cleaned it up, with a rag or my finger
I still have the stains, on my hardwood floor
They make me remember, what I had before.

Now I think of you, and our time together,
I realize this time, I will crave forever.
You with me, and me with you
From this day forward it will more than do

So I write this poem, as I sit and wonder
I can see your clothes, but not whatís under
Youíre so far away, but I hear your voice
Of all the women, youíre my #1 choice!

Paul W. Walters Ė November 27, 2000