My Ultimate Bane

I welcome insanity and prolific profanity
I indulge in delusion and constant confusion
With the forgone conclusion that all is an illusion

To be as the crazy, my thought process hazy
And give up all thought and all I've been taught
All the things that I've bought and the life that I've sought

Like a cloud in the night, yet without any fright
I indulge in my blight like a child with a kite
In the sky so white and with the string so tight

The light, my might, the sight of my plight
My life so trite that a knight in his might
Might take delight to pass by outright

I prefer my head as a thread tangled and bled
Not a shred of thought as though I were dead
All things that I dread not said or read or thought of in bed

I'll walk through the street my insanity complete
My destiny I'll cheat with my mental retreat
On the concrete I'll sleep without even a sheet

Bonkers, cracked, crazy and senseless
No friends to love or things to think of
Like the flight of a dove in the skies above

And why you ask in delusion I bask?
Why do I seek a life so bleak?
Like a weak freak I use this technique
To hide from the pain, my ultimate bane

Sunday, April 16, 2006