Over the years, I have written what I like to call poetry. However, if you read any of the "poetry" below, you'll wonder why I call it such. Please realize as you are looking through this collection that I do not think myself a poet. Anything I've done in this regard is simply for fun and not intended to be some masterpiece, or anything that can be closely scrutinized.

With the above disclaimer in mind, feel free to look through what I've posted below and point and laugh at me as much as you'd like!


12/10/1993 Hole

01/27/1994 Time

03/22/1994 Scared

06/1994 These Smiling Eyes

01/10/1995 My Dream

12/23/1995 Alone in the Dark

01/29/1996 Safety and Caution

03/05/1996 Mornings

03/07/1996 A Child Is Born

04/12/1996 Keep me Alive

07/01/1996 The Salty Road

07/01/1996 I Wish You The Best

07/29/1996 Tick Tock

07/13/1996 My Dad

07/29/1996 The Candle

04/29/1997 Thin-necked Lady

1998-1999 Short Poems

05/09/2000 Oh Cheryl. As oil from a barrel.

11/27/2000 So Unlike a Feather

12/22/2000 Sharon

01/10/2001 The Spark Ignites


04/16/2006 My Ultimate Bane